I am puzzled that your well-conceived article discusses racism but does not actually define it. Was this intentional or merely an oversight?

Sharing a "racism" experience indicates that racism is performing some function, which must be something more than ensuring that black folks have racism stories to tell.

With racism undefined, your article might as well be about ghost; most black folks have ghost stories, but beyond the stories, no one has ever produced evidence for the existence of ghosts. Is there a ghost industry? The answer is yes; there is a ghost industry.

My suggestion for you to improve your well-conceived article is to define your terms. What is racism; what are its defining characteristics; and how do we recognize racist behavior independent of our experience of it, i.e., objectively?



Anthony G. Baxter

I critique our society’s dominant discourses (e.g., racism, sexism, elitism, nativism) to guard against tyranny and protect free thinking!